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Let’s begin: Election 2019

Election 2019 announced. The world largest democracy India going for a battle to win majority of 543 Lok Sabha seats. As Election Commission of India announces the 2019 election in seven phases on April 11, 18, 23,29 may, 6, 12 and 19. The vote counting will happens on may 23rd. Three states Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal see vote in all seven phases. 900 million people will going to vote across 1 million booths. This 40 days schedule finished on 23rd may, eight days more than the last year election in 2014. India’s first election lasted over 3 months and 27 days from Oct 25 to feb 21, 1952 Voting took place in 68 phases.
As election comminission announced 84.3 million people will go for vote. About 15 millions are between the age of 18 and 19. The 2014 Lok Sabha session ends on June 3. 17 states will finish voting in a single days. The world’s largest democratic exercise, phase 3 will going for 115 seats in 14 state more than any phase. Ec announced for VVPAT(voter verified paper audit trails) in all voting machine. Which ends doubts regrading the veracity of vote cast and photographs of the candidates in the election voting machine(EVM). AS J&K is under president’s rule and due to the clashes of India and Pakistan the 17th Lok Sabha 2019 election date will be announced later. An ideal code of conduct which came into effects on Sunday.


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