Eat Pray Love: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Movie: Eat Pray Love

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama, Romance

Inspired from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Eat Pray Love’ that spent about 150 weeks on the New York Times magazine bestseller list, this movie is treat to the eyes and soul, but only once.

Liz Gilbert is a blonde woman who is married too soon according to her age and has a falling marriage now. She finally finds courage to get out of the marriage and lands into another love affair which too, doesn’t last long. “The only thing more difficult than leaving, is staying”– seems appropriate for her life. She has a dream to travel the world which tends to come alive now that she has no one to stay for.

She decides to take a 1 year trip to Italy, India and Bali to feed her soul and attain balance of mind, soul and body.

Julia Roberts playing Liz in the movie shines like the north star. She does complete justice to her role and has brought out the best of it.

She meets a wise man during her marriage who prophecies about her life which tends to come true. A number of men are swayed by this beautiful lady on her journey. She endures her love for food in Italy where she gains new friends and from them..lots of love. There, she learns another lesson of life, that “Ruin is the road to transformation”. She travels to India in search of her much wanted balance. She seeks shelter in an ashram where she finds a new friend who helps her through. She learns to meditate and then moves to her last stop before home, Bali.

In Bali, she meets the wise man she met, again. She also has an affair with James Franco played by Richard Jenkins. She is swayed by him, but who would not!? She finds herself connected to him, but is scared of loosing the balance she has finally achieved. In this part of the movie, Liz seems desperate and confused. She surrenders herself to love and stays with him, finding emotional balance. She finally learns her last lesson “God dwells in you, as you”.

One can say that on her journey, Liz found balance, love, adventure, peace and closeness to God. But the movie becomes boring in certain parts. With a number of inspiring quotes, amazing quotations and a little disrupted but beautiful storyline, the movie is certainly a one time watch.

So, if you are a fan of travelling, or entertainment, or Julia Roberts, this movie is for you.


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