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Life’s a slog, doesn’t get easier

“The other is doing better” Some emotions, learning’s revolving around my current stay in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On a hot May day, I was shooting a travel show with Jeevesh in Rishikesh and I receive a phone call to report at the office of Hon Pro-Vice Chancellor of my University within an hour. The slog started right there, we both started off on a scooty borrowed from my friend’s brother on the not so good Rishikesh Highway.

We returned to Rishikesh the next day to complete the shoot

Quickly washed my face, managed a pen-notebook and rushed to the office and I was dot on time but still trying to catch my breath. The meeting lasted barely for a minute and he told me that ” You have been nominated for a 4-month Lithuanian Language Course in Vilnius and we shall talk in detail before you leave”  

It was a surprise for me but I was not excited, I felt some responsibility take over- family was happy and I was too and that’s when the real learning for me begun. I could now clearly feel the presence of some people who showed they were glad but in real- they were not  and I started getting the vibe, that my life is better just because I got to travel abroad. 

This feeling came to a break, I got busy, got to know that Nilachal bhaiya (my senior) will also be traveling along and there was still time to depart from India. In between that time I had to stand in ques for my passport, visit the police officer to get my verification done and face the pressure of the foreign University as they repeatedly asked us to send our passports asap.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20181113_061935.jpg
My first International travel experience was really tiring!

Then came the time to fill ‘N’ number of forms, collecting documents and then visiting the embassy for VISA and then going again to collect and then to finally fly! However, I would like to clearly mention that I truly enjoyed solving all the problems which came my way and I’m not at all complaining.

We both were the chosen ones out of a big lot of talented students, so we felt a genuine pressure to perform well. The first night we landed, our bodies felt the need to sleep but we were already 2.5 hours behind by the clock! We finally managed to get a temporary space to sleep for the night around 12 in the night which meant (2:30 am) in India.

There were some basic problems, that we had to fetch our luggage for about 2 km to our permanent residence that too on a hill ( no wi-fi/no sim to book a cab) Finally settled now, then had to figure out looking and cooking of vegetarian food about which I had almost no idea. Walking to the nearest bus stop and to University was around 3kms each day for us, followed by washing clothes and the most important learning a new language. It’s been really a challenge because we wouldn’t understand if we didn’t study each day after the lessons (They also give homework).

Labas in Lithuanian means Hello! 🙂

We were also involved in meeting new people, with whom the University has had good relationships tracing them, at times getting on the wrong bus, overall things which I was not used off.  A skin allergy was unwanted for both of us due to change in weather which is still unbearable for me. My bade papa also lost his battle to cancer on the 2nd November and had go back to India for 10 days.

Why, I chose to write this also has a story- I was told by some people in messages “You must be having fun there”  “Oh you lucky, not everyone gets a chance” and some also said that I had good personal relationships with the Hon Pro-VC and bla bla. Never mind, what I want to convey is that “Life is a slog- it doesn’t get any easier and you will get problems everywhere and every time in life.”      

The last meeting in India

I was happy in India and I’m happy here, nothing’s really changed for me. We need to grow and accept, there are going to be challenges everywhere, there’s just no escape, all we can do is be human! 🙂


2 comments on “Life’s a slog, doesn’t get easier

  1. Munish bagga

    Great….Journey of life continues…on and on….keep learning..keep writing….a crisp short nice message ..
    The most important lesson and reality is…you climb a hill and see that a bigger Hill ( challenge) is waiting for you to……..never rest…

    Liked by 1 person

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