The Soul Within

What was stored in for her, little did she know.

Yet was preparing herself for all the highs and lows.

Reaching great heights was her only aim,

Would achieve her dreams with that sparkling flame.

Something later ensued that changed her life,

Little did she know for lost aplomb she would strife.

Never had she thought about those paltry looks,

Made her realise they’re worth more than the knowledge of books.

Pink, Blue, Red she believed to be the only shades,

Calling her dark scraped worse than blades.

Everyday she returned with tears in her eyes,

Startled at the laughter of her own allies.

The tenor of real charm soon she found,

Between black and white were all bound.

It all lies in a soul that’s nice and pure,

This discernment turned to be her only cure.

Poetess:- Mahima Sethi, New Delhi


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