Update your reading list with these 8 books

If you are a book person, this article is definitely for you! And even if you are not, but want to explore the world of books, these 8 books should definitely be on your reading list.

Welcome!! To another world..

1. The Kite Runner


Author: Khaled Hosseini

Genre: Historical fiction, drama

The first novel by the Afghan American author is truly a master stroke. The book is a story of friendship, betrayal and guilt. The story is multi generational showcasing the relationship between a father and his sons. The book also highlights the plight of Afghanistan under the tyranny of Taliban. The web of changing relationships and the development of characters around the theme is notable. With all its turning points, the book is sure to catch your interest once you’ve begun.

2. Paper Towns


Author: John Green

Genre: Young adult, mystery

The story revolves around two individuals, Q or Quentin Jackobsen, constantly searching for his identity among his fellow mates. He is an ideal Character who does not like to break rules and is the protagonist of the novel. He has a severe crush on Margo Roth Speigelmen. She is a paper girl, as she describes herself. The story is all about how Margo disappears and Quentin, with his friends goes on to search for her. The concept of paper towns has been the theme of the story and is a good read if you like love stories and mysteries as well.

3. Eleven Minutes


Author:Paulo Coelho

Genre: Fiction

Another international bestseller from the author of The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes is the story of a young Brazilian prostitute. Maria is a beautiful girl who is enticed by an offer of finding great adventure and love. She eventually lands into prostitution, first for earning her livelihood and then for earning luxuries. Paulu Coelho has described her journey as a process of self realisation through sexual experiences, and ultimately, Maria finding her much desired love.

4. Forty Rules of Love


Author: Elif Shafaq

Genre: Literary fiction

Elif Shafaq is an award winning novelist and a feminist in Turkey. The story runs between two parallel narratives. One is contemporary, a 40 year old lady Ella Rubenstein who is unhappily married and has started working for a literary agent. And the other being set in the 13th century, where Rumi, the great sufi, and his encounters with his spiritual mentor Shams of Tabriz are discussed. Through the latest manuscript, Sweet Blasphemy, that Ella is reading, she explores the world of Sufism. Her quest for love with Aziz Zahara, the writer of the manuscript is interweaved with Rumi’s love for Shams of Tabriz. Be sure to find out yourself, what happens at the end!!

5. Life is what you make it


Author: Preeti Shenoy

Genre: Urban fiction

An inspiring story of a young girl in her 20s. Ankita, the protagonist of the story is an intelligent girl with a conservative family. Under all the limitations put by her parents, she takes pleasure in her new college life, falling in love and competing with others. Then, the death of her friend pushes her into mental illness. From here, the story turns into her journey from illness to well being and the attainment of a new perspective to life.

6. Psycho


Author: Robert Bolch

Genre:Horror fiction, thriller,mystery

And enticing thriller, Psycho turns out to be a great adventure for its readers. A motel on the old highway, run by a lanky, middle aged bachelor Norman Bates and his self-centered old mother. There life goes on in the same way for years..for Norman, reading books and never going out. And for his mother, shouting at him for not going out and yet never allowing her to mix with others. The twist arrives when a woman called Marry Crane arrives at the motel, changing everything for her and the Bates. What follows next is worth a read.

7. Brida


Author: Paulo Coelho

Genre: Fiction

Brida is the journey of a young lady with the same name into the world of magic. With the passage of time, she discovers that she is a witch. On her path, she meets two people, Wicca, who helps her discover her powers as a witch and Magus, who claims Brida to be his soul mate. But there can be only one soulmate for a person, and Brida thinks she has hers, already. It is interesting to know what choice Brida makes at the end and if she is successful in becoming a witch completely. Do read and find out for sure!

8. The Shiva Trilogy


Author: Amish Tripathy

Genre: Fantasy, historical fiction

The fastest selling book series in India, The Shiva Trilogy showcases the mythical God, Lord Shiva as a normal human being. The three books- Immortals of Meluha, The Secret  of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayputras describe his constant fight against evils, the love story of Shiva and Sati and also some other mythical Gods and how they would have been if they were humans. A modern twist to the age old stories is a must read. Thus, this series giving an end to this list, are a no miss for everyone!!


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