Benefits of Smoking

Everything has its own benefits. Talk about gambling, smuggling, taking drugs or say ‘smoking’. Let’s be practical about what smoking actually it is nothing but breathing carbon and some other elements (the filling) into the lungs and bloodstream.
This might have hundreds of demerits but being very positive let’s just focus on 3 merits minimum.

OBESITY– This is amazing for all the girls out there to believe. Because what’s more easy to loose some bulk than smoking all day and burning the entire environment and not pushing those adipose an inch even. Tobacco and nicotine are used as appetite suppression by many. Researches have also revealed that the white adolescent  females initiated smoking in order to reduce weight related anxiety.

If we see the history, we’d also find that advertisement of cigarettes were promoted by the tag of weight loss itself. But we neglect the fact that smoking make a body hollow and lessens strength of oneself. Also ladies suffer problem while their delivery period. Smoking makes a heavy impact on fertility of a woman and leads to pregnancy problems. So all the ladies, hello, you can reduce weight and make an attractive glimpse of your figure but not while you give birth to your child.

If you smoke, you can achieve this look pretty soon!

Smoking is responsible for osteoporosis which is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. This is very dangerous condition for women and leads to leucorrhoea which is also known as white discharge. This makes a women very weak and tired.

Coming to the second benefit, that smoking may lower the risk of ulcerative colitis which is the inflammation in the large intestine. Agree, smoking is such a blessings that it saves our intestines from ulcerative colitis. It has been also noticed in the researches that smoking helps in constipation and the problem of indigestion. One way smoking is so helpful for ulcers in the digestive route and on the other it is responsible for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as the name suggests the problem is related to the lungs and breathing.

Why don’t we generally have a bulky container of warm water in the morning and go to flush the excreta in the toilets. This also helps the digestive track to work better and stay active the entire day. As smoking is a better option. All it takes just to lighten up the cigarette and inhale it so that the digestive as well as respiratory track burns up in the fresh morning and fights with  heat the whole big day. The carbon we breathe in and settle it down in our bloodstream adds one by one hundreds of problems leading premature again and wrinkles, yellow fingernails, early menopause in women, vision problems, impaired sense of smell and taste, poor oral health, and the list is never ending.

The youth is attracted to this trend of smoking from the very age of 10-12 and they also find it glamorous and not guilty. Schools, college and universities, nowadays are so much advance that the students feel the pressure of their education non-realistically and want to experience that trance state so that their mind can feel relaxed for time being. So this is the third benefit of smoking. People cannot find a better way to tackle stress other than smoking. Yes, we do have a lot of other options like meditation, chanting, yoga, etc. to release stress.

Hello smokers! Have you ever calculated the amount of money you spend on cigarettes?

Smoking is good for health and it is a trendy act of being a cool human for our society. And when cancer including lung, head, neck, esophagus, colon, and others strike we prefer the ostentatious hospitals and spend the entire income of our life. Still we cannot take initiative to reduce smoking and save those 100 or more bucks a day and make people blissful around us.

Smoking may also lower the risk of knee replacement, well said somewhere, but what about the rheumatoid arthritis, smoking is responsible for. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the joints of hands and feet.
Well, an optimistic will surely neglect the negative impacts of smoking and still choses to get saggy breast, arms and thighs. Moreover, a chain smoker will also chose to get dull appearance and shabby eyes.

Everything has a direct bond with nature and once this bond is disturbed its tough to make is as it was earlier. Same goes with body, environment, health, etc. Our body demands carbon dioxide, but it a has certain limitations to it. Smoking makes excess of carbon dioxide intake in human body and leads to health hazard. On the other hand smoking not only affects

the smoker but also the environment and the people who exist around the smoker.
We are bound to use a cigarette and not the natural things we are blessed with. No matter what, smoking has so many benefits and people love to smoke, knowing the fact that it decreases their lifespan. We’ve mistaken the fact that smoking is all about demerits, there are approximately 5-6 genuine reason why a person shouldn’t quit smoking. And that’s enough for contentment of a human soul.

All the natural and health favoring components in the market are of no use, though a cigarette is pocket friendly and mind friendly as well.  Smoking will kill everything you have. This habit would seriously damage everything but not heart of a smoker, as it is an addiction.

Author: Gauri Singh, Delhi


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