Nirbhaya verdict : An episode of sheer negligence?

A disgustingly shocking rape case, 6 culprits, death sentence to 4 of them..and then, a plea to the judiciary. What does it signify? A weak judiciary? Loopholes in the court rules?

The Supreme court of India has denied the pleas of the four convicts of the 2012 rape case, retaining their decision of death sentence. The apex court has upheld its May 2017 decision on the case.

The three convicts Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma, pleaded to the SC saying that “death penalty is coldblooded killing in the name of justice.”

The notable part of the whole story is that the convicts still have two pleas left to appeal, a curative plea in the SC and a mercy plea before the President.

It is shocking why the Indian judiciary has still so much left in front of the convicts after the brutal crime they committed.

The rape of Nirbhaya on December 16, 2012, was an Eye-opener for the whole nation. The only relief came when the 4 convicts were subjected to death penalty. One of the six committed suicide in the custody and one other, who was a minor was released after a 3 year imprisonment in the juvenile court.

Now the question arising is, has the Indian judicial system come to a standstill? If not, then why is so much liberty being allowed to these convicts who have already been proven guilty?

All these episodes are a sign that the Indian judiciary needs to amend some of its rules. The SC bench consisting of chief justice Dipak Misra and justice R Bhanumati and Ashok Bhushan have definitely provided relief to Nirbhaya’s family through its decision. Now, the need of the hour is to hang the convicts as soon as possible. The greater the number of chances they’ll have, the greater the number of question marks be raised upon the judiciary.

It would be interesting to note what new development takes place in the case. And how soon the SC wakes up from its long sleep of negligence.


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