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Nirbhaya Verdict: a lesson or an escape?

The four convicts who committed the gruesome and brutal act on the night of 16th December, 2012, the horrific gangrape and murder of a 23 year old paramedical student have suffered a great setback from the Apex Court today. The Supreme Court today upheld the verdict of death for the four Nirbhaya gangrape convicts.
The heinous crime that shook the entire nation has come to its conclusion after six years of the incident and is one of the most brutal acts ever to have taken place. It was categorized as the rarest of rare crimes which was inhuman and disturbing at many levels.
However, even after such a long wait of six years, the question about women safety is left unanswered.  But, the incident also sparked a debate on what ails women’s safety in India and urgent steps that should be taken to curb crimes against women.
Nirbhaya lost her life but she has left us with important lessons. SPEAK UP against violence, however big or small, irrespective of the perpetrator, one that you know or a stranger. The increased awareness of what constitutes rape and the extensive reportage are encouraging women to take a stand and speak up against the atrocities.
Although the most important question to ponder about is Will the feeling of impunity still continue to persist? The perpetrators should not remain under the impression that they would ‘get away’ with crimes against women because of the loopholes in the Constitution. As it is evident from this case that the convicts still have two pleas left to appeal, a curative plea before the Supreme Court and a mercy plea before the President. Even after being proved guilty, why the convicts are still given chances to plea? This brings a feeling of distrust for our Judicial system.
If we take a look at the entire scenario after the 16 December 2012 case, if one thing has changed, it is women’s willingness to complain and fight back. Women are increasingly choosing not to to be silent. But how long will we have to wait to see the mentality of the rapists and the society who blames the victim itself to change?
Every time the story repeats itself, the characters change but the comments repeat. We are stuck in a cycle which will only be broken by a strong political will and definite punishment for such crimes along with gender sensitization.
 And what the society needs to learn is to Stand Up, when we choose to be a silent onlooker, while a crime is taking place, we also become a part of it. The ignorance by people helps the criminal minds to get their way. Do we expect crimes to stop merely by being a spectator? We need to stand up against violence, be it for yourself, or one of your own or a stranger.

1 comment on “Nirbhaya Verdict: a lesson or an escape?

  1. Worth reading and I appreciate your work keep going like this and spread awareness among the people …


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