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Read the 7 sutras which lead to a calm mind

Human beings have the ability to comprehend any situation and give a reaction as per the requirement. However, the power of understanding and reacting is subjective to different people. Some may react aggressively and some may stay calm, all reactions are a result of the mechanism of the human brain which gets triggered as soon as anything happens which is not as per his expectations or against his beliefs.

Sometimes, people get so much hyper that their reactions lead to an argument and negative emotions overpower them.

And these negative emotions ultimately boil down to anger of some kind, either inwardly expressed, in that case the anger makes you feel sick, or outwardly expressed, so that it makes others feel angry and hostile.

Arguments and anger bring out the worst from the minds as well as the mouth of people. Many times, they spring from the pettiest of discussions too. Arguments are just discussion of issues between minds who disagree. When people try to defend their beliefs and disprove of others point of views, arguments arise and tend to escalate into a full blown fight which can totally threaten the relationship between two person.

There are various ways by which a person can choose to be wise and stay calm at the time of heated arguments. The best methods are listed below :


1. Always remember that your point of view is not the only one that everyone should have. Respect others opinion and even if they are different from yours don’t try to manipulate them.

2.  THINK before you SPEAK, often a simple discussion gets heated because people forget their limits and speak whatever comes in their mind. Cuss words, sledging and other such harmful words should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Take a step back from situation, before entering into any argument, step back and think is it worth the energy and time you are going to waste on it. If the answer you get is no, then step back and move away from the situation.

4. Don’t drag others into the argument, even if you are feeling helpless and want someone to support in the fight, don’t force others to take sides unless they really support your views.

5. Try to not raise your voice even if you are frustrated. This will make your opponent think that you are ready for a verbal battle and he will also respond in that same volume


Deep breathing: The science is simple, more the oxygen more power to the brain and a healthy brain avoids stupid arguments

6. Remember that your dignity is only in your hands. If you allow others to overpower you by losing your temper, then you are losing every bit of your self esteem because of others.

7.  Even after trying all the methods, you are unable to avoid such arguments, just take some deep breaths and move away. This is the best you can do to remain calm and composed at the time of arguments.


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