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Re-train your mind

Apart from being the most beautiful creation of god you are blessed with a unique power and that is your MIND. Your mind is ultimately everything. What you think you become. It Is all up to you what you are feeding your mind and which direction you are taking it in. You cannot blame it on TV or news to give you a negative flow after all it was you who left the doors open and gave the entry.

History has proved that every scholar from times worked on just one principle or say cracked the ultimate code that universe is the servant of your mind. What you order or demand is exactly what you attract. And what you demand depends upon the type of information you are feeding to your mind. Your thoughts become things.

Always remember, you are the boss and not the mind.

Be it your achievements, your problems, tears and smiles everything is offered by the universe and believe it or not you are the one who asked for it ultimately. So, it becomes your duty to provide right information to your mind and attract the best from the universe.

There is no one I know that has not dreamt of becoming successful and that can be done by first believing that you deserve and you can. And the universe will follow. Put your mind, heart and soul into even your smallest act and that’s the key towards success.

You create your own universe as you go along. Imagination is the key, it is like the preview of what you will attract and get served. Your life is all about courage and going into the unknown.

The very first step towards anything in life is believing. Believing involves thinking, talking and acting as though you have already received. Instead on focusing on worlds problem give your energy in peace, love and self- improvement. Be the difference you want to see.

Gratitude is the biggest prayer, take out 10 minutes close your eyes and thank everyone!

It is your light that lights up the world. And you can break the hierarchy, society codes and prove once and for all that the power in you is stronger than the power of the world. Just go 24hrs without complaining and be thankful for everything and your life will change. You will realize it was not the world who was in need of change but your vision. Improve your way to see things and the things around you will start changing. It is all about the game of energies. What you throw is what you get.

The basic problem we brag about is the frustration we feel because of the people or situations around you. But the truth is the frustration and discontent you feel is completely your own creation.




Written by- Riya Tyagi, Noida


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