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Life lessons on satisfaction

Satisfaction is life’s ultimate truth. The meaning is ‘right satiation’ and right satiation means to be gratified in what you have and not keeping the urge for what you don’t have. Not giving attention to unnecessary thoughts and desires is the key to satisfaction.
Generally, we don’t understand the significance of our blessings and crave for more; and it’s a despondent irony that there remains no significance and utilization of what we posses. We become heedless of our potentials and ignite our souls in the fire of discontentment. We chase for what we can’t afford and doing this is no less than chasing any shadow.
The mad rush of wanting more is then joined just like, one tries to follow a shadow. Keep running but never possess enough, dissatisfaction is equivalent to this shadow.

The true sense of satisfaction comes from the consistency of the thought which always makes us feel obliged for our possessions. All we need is to open our eyes to look at all those small but significant benedictions which help us to lead our lives at ease. The seed of dissatisfaction starts germinating at the moment we refuse to look at the good. Due to this refusal of perception we not only harm our optimism but also fail to unlock our potential. But as soon as we realize the importance of the assets we’ve received from almighty, this ultimate realization makes us praise him endlessly.

Life has been created from desires. Desire is the canvas on which life is being drawn. If desire is vigorous, determined and powerful life turns into something else. On the other hand if one has fragile, obstructive desire life is no less than any barren full of prongs; and then starts the thirst of more desires, which is endless.

A satisfied human is a happy human!

Desire is the seed where life is its harvest. If the seed will be of superior quality, then it is destined to get good grains. Similarly, the quality of desire has impact on our lives. Indeed, our desires have always been fulfilled by the almighty and the growth of mankind is its outcome.

Nevertheless, it might not get fulfilled and in that case we circumscribe ourselves with misery, grief and pessimism. If the significance of gratification could be understood at the time of agony there wouldn’t be any reason left for sorrow.
It’s true that success brings us satisfaction, but the hunger of more success drives us toward dissatisfaction. Therefore, the flavor of success, esteem, notability or prestige can only be taken by the one who doesn’t have crave for it and can stay humble. Along with happiness, success brings the fear of security and there remains a chaos between these two emotions. Solution lies underneath the perception which doesn’t lead us toward endless desires and wants.
Does failure and success matters? The genuine triumph and respect comes from the satisfaction itself. Honor and success are the two natural possessions of human soul and why to desire something which is already yours? God bestows us with them when we’re content.

Go to an open field, open your arms, breathe and thank god repeatedly.

Almighty has given us a lot of caliber and opportunities, grabbing those opportunities are all we need to do. Retaining God with the possession of wisdom, good thoughts and deeds should be done perpetually. Mother Nature provides us with everything which is required and beneficial after then. Satisfied people become far sighted to perceive the art of living and this blissfulness is called satisfaction.

Author: Swarnim Santosh, Aurangabad



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