Sanju a slap on the face of Indian media

The movie did try to whitewash the image of the controversial actor Sanjay Dutt but nevertheless it pretty much showed the mirror to the Indian media

Lot of media houses on their respective platforms of channels, papers, magazines and web portal have firstly appreciated Direction+Acting and secondly criticized the filmmaker for trying to whitewash the image of Sanjay Dutt.

It is cent percent correct to criticize what the filmmaker did but they were right on the money when they portrayed the role of media. The interference of these media houses is astonishingly increasing day by day.

Recently, two top news channels heavily criticized Indian opener Rohit Sharma on his foreign visits and they also made news that the Mumbaikar failed the yo-yo Test during the IPL. We also can not ignore the coverage, Sri Devi got at the time of her demise and today Sonali Bendre’s cancer is topping the charts in the Google trends!

Here is what an irritated Rohit Sharma said:

Sonali was searched over 1 million times, the harsh reality is people are struck only in celebrities, uncountable people die of cancer all across the world.

The list of examples can go on and on and on. The question stands still, frozen at its place. Is the Indian media performing its duty in the right manner? The movie repeatedly hinted at the money minded media but then comes the point of a responsible audience.

Whatever is being aired is simply what we want, the viewers and the readers decide the content. Thus the media is forced to take such steps in order to continue its living, it is for us to decide that till when are we going to be crazy for such content and then go onto blame Indian journalism. Isn’t this a trend? Every vella today is sitting with a cup of chai, abusing the media houses that too with news channels on!

In the end, the movie also had a special song dedicated to journalists and media, go watch it on YouTube if you have not watched the film yet!



1 comment on “Sanju a slap on the face of Indian media

  1. sonu bagga

    Truely said !


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