It was amazing says Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav took 5 wickets in the first T20 against England.

India dominated England in the first T20 match as if they were playing at home. The comfort level looked top notch for the bowlers. After the early smashing by Jason Roy and Jos Buttler, the Indian bowlers were on the back foot but the chinaman had other plans.

Yadav admitted that providing pace to the Englishmen would have been troublesome therefore his focus was on bowling slow. “The pitch did not have much turn. I did not want to give pace to the English batsmen as it would have made batting easy for them. I executed my plan very well,”  said Kuldeep.

His spin partner, Yuvzendra Chahal did not have a very good outing but his experience of bowling before Yadav, helped the latter. He explained that “The ball wasn’t turning much. (Yuzvendra) Chahal, who bowled before me, also confirmed the same, so I focused on varying my pace, and the flight of my deliveries,” he went on. “This was the key and it helped me in getting the wickets. I don’t think about the batsmen while bowling, I focus on what I can do.”

Performing against top quality batsmen that too in their own den is something to be proud of, on this Kuldeep said that“Obviously they are quality batsmen, and it’s a good feeling when you take two wickets on the trot,” he said. “It was amazing … brilliant, I guess. Three wickets in the over really changed the momentum.”


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